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Re: The Big Mamas August Thread

Well, no real exercise today, and this week is going to be tough. With dh's help we cleaned the whole house top to bottom today. It's so nice when the whole house is clean at the same time. And I love clean sheet day. So I cleaned all day long so I know I burned calories but it's still not a muscle building work out. And then tonight I sheared a sheep. Again pretty active but still not a strength and endurance building workout. But by the time I was done I was beat. Anyway next week is our county fair. We are so busy during fair. And I don't always eat the best. I try, I really do. I make and pack lunch stuff so I don't have to eat out. But it's still not always enough. We always have snacks and junk in the office, and the only thing to drink is pop, and then don't even get me started on kettle corn and cotton candy. I'm not looking forward to this week, I'll probably feel very sick by the end. I am going to try really hard to reign it in and keep it under control.
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