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Originally Posted by vmomma
It's totally normal for a BF baby to get frustrated right before your milk comes in. They nurse almost constantly, and this helps a nice supply come in. You will be fine. I'm very surprised that you were told to pump. My May baby was frantic for about 24 hours and I felt like my milk would never come in. I was told she was acting as she should and my milk would come in just fine.

Good luck, mama!
I was told to pump to help make my milk come in. She said it was NOT about the numbers and how much I could pump but just to keep stimulation on my breasts and it possibly helping milk come in faster.

Also, another reason I was panicking was because baby was not pooping or peeing at all. He did have some meconium poos in the first 24 hours but had not had a poo since we got home and also had not wet a diaper at all! Like, he peed right after coming out of me but that was it. The only time he peed after that was a few hours after I gave him a bottle of formula and it soaked the whole diaper (a sposie!) and it was dark dark yellow. Which is why I freaked out and went to the LC because I was afraid he wasn't getting anything out of me. She said he did fine. I also went to a "big latch on" event today and saw two different Lc's. One is the girl who helped me in the hospital and the other was the wic LC who helped me and told me to pump. Both of them watched me feeding and checked his latch and said he was doing great and to not worry. Of course I was worrying the whole time. Lol.

Good news though, you were all right. My milk has finally come in this evening and he is doing much better! No bottles in the past 24 hours!! I also found a mama who said if I ever needed any that she has a huge stockpile of milk in her freezer if I needed donor milk!
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