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Originally Posted by AmberP
It's August already! Where did July go? I haven't even started thinking about school stuff or our homeschool co-op that starts up at the end of September.

I know it has been asked before, but do your kids eat Paleo too? I've really been struggling with this. I want them to be as healthy as possible, but I don'/t want to take away the things they actually eat. My 2yo DS is SO picky and doesn't eat meat or many other things and 6yo DD hardly eats meat or eggs. They eat mostly primal, LOTS of fruit, but they do get bread or cereal about every other day.
It has taken my kids (2yo & 4yo) a while to get used to the new foods we are eating. But they don't really have an option because I stopped buying all "illegal" foods so what I do buy is all they have to choose from. They resisted quite a bit at first, then their appetites went crazy & they were packing away tons of food, & now they are back to a normal appetite, but not super resistant or picky.

I try to involve them a lot with our diet. They help make snacks (fruit salad, coconut haystacks, grain free granola, etc) & meals (n-oatmeal, grain free pancakes, coconut waffles, meatballs & spaghetti squash, chicken soup, bun-less burgers, taco salad, etc) with me. I give them the grocery ads & have them go through it with a marker & circle all the foods that are healthy & then we put an X on the foods we can't have. My 4yo DS caught on very quickly & actually points out stuff we can't have. For example, at a friend's party, when cake (an amazing looking chocolate cake, but we cant have any chocolate on our diet ) was being served he came up to me & said "Mommy, we can't have cake, right? Cause it has grains & sugar in it." I just agreed with him & asked him if he wanted some more fruit salad, which he did.

Both my kids have very different tastes. They love chicken, beef, & fish now (thank goodness), but DS prefers steamed vegetables (peas, green beans, broccoli, etc) & DD1 prefers raw vegetables (lots of salad, carrots, etc). DS will eat eggs for every meal (just like his mama) but DD1 won't even try them anymore. We make smoothies (with fruit & dark leafy greens) daily & the kids help with those too. Whatever combos they don't love I simply pour into popsicle molds for later.

Anyway, that was a long reply, but hopefully it will give you a couple ideas to try!
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