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Originally Posted by abunchoflemons
Am I the only one that has to finish peeing standing at about a 45 degree angle early in pregnancy? Am I the only one that has to pee like all the time at like 6 to 12 weeks and later (only one in Lamaze that was constantly going to the bathroom with my first kid almost 8 years ago?

Is it just me or do you get your bump faster the more kids you have?

Any suggestions on ways to get rid of the weight after (didn't go well second time around) without pushups,situps, starving yourself, or leg lifts (back pain I don't know from exactly what- so I hear you shouldn't do this exercise)? I can't weight lift much either.

Those that had boys and girls, did you have less symptoms of pregnancy with one gender than the other? I was hugely sick puking out my guts with my girls from like 5 to 6 weeks but nothing else although it was like a roller coaster all day every day. This time I have headaches, tonight I got lightheaded standing up at the play ground with my kids (trying to do more smaller meals and stuff), not this time for morning sick but can't stand chicken that isn't breaded and fried.I have had cramps and spotting this time too several times but have heard the heartbeat.

If there is a better place to put this, please let me know. I am new with all the areas of the forum. Not used to trying to find stuff and all that.
*I've never had to stand while peeing before! But peeing all the time is one of my 1st pregnancy signs!
*You def get a bump earlier with every pregnancy, something about your uterus being familiar with how to stretch and grow.
*I guess the only thing I can think of to help with losing that baby weight is to eat healthier if you don't want to exercise.
*I've had 4 boys (one angel born at 16 weeks) and 1 girl. The pregnancy with DD was pretty much the same as with the boys.
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