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Child Support Plus Extras

I have a question/want opinions.

Dh has a son, and he lives with his mom in California. Dh/I pay child support every month. She texted me today asking if I (she is asking me b/c I'm the money maker, dh is a sahd) could get step son some football stuff. Apparently dh's parents already got him football stuff, but she said he needs more. She is asking for under armour compression shorts and tops, football socks, sweatbands, and a sports store gift card. She also asked if we could get him dental insurance in the same text. Actually, first she asked me to send more money, but then right after sent a text "or, if you could just buy him..." (good choice on her part, lol).

Ok, now, I really dislike this girl, so it's hard for me to want to do anything she asks. But, for the sake of the step son I'll do my best. But it's like she thinks I'm made of money, and it bugs me. I have 5 other kids to provide for, besides the fact that I did not birth this kid.

I do not buy new clothing for my girls. I won't say NEVER, but 99% of the time it's used. If they need something specific, I'll try to find it used first. Anyway, considering I don't even buy my girls new, would it be okay to buy him this stuff used? I know she will not like it, b/c that's how she is. But I feel like, beggars can't be choosers, so she should just accept it and say thank you. I did find the under armour compression shorts for 3.50 at savers today. So, should I just go ahead and send them? I just told her "I'll see what I can do" and left it at that.

Also, it bugs me b/c she KNEW about football for months and months. Never mentioned him needing anything. Now all the sudden he needs stuff. I could have been scouting for deals for months now. It also bugs me that she asks ME and not dh.

So....what do you think? Okay to send used?
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