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Re: July 30 - Aug 5 Chat

Ade had a heat rash too, but she just lives in a diaper and unsnapped onesie all day long(i fold it up like a shirt)

I think my milk supply dropped after all the IV fluids finally ran out of me. I was swollen like an elephant until a few days ago, and at the same time my body wasn't painfully swollen, Ade started to get extra cranky and want to nurse every 1 1/2-2hrs. I'm wondering if my supply can go down because I wasn't drinking enough water?? So I've been drinking a lot trying to make up for it. She still gives me a good 5-6hr sleep at night, but during the day she's a grump! Two wks old yesterday!

So since this was my first vaginal delivery, im learning all new things! Is it normal to sometimes feel like I'm going to...fall out...down there? Seriously, i was walking around Target and it was extremely painful! I felt like i need to just stop and hold things together lol
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