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Re: Multiple Pregnancy Questions

1. I pee a lot as is, but in the last few weeks I can pee every 15 minutes or more sometimes. I'm up around once an hour to pee at night, though I do get a couple hours of a break between midnight and 3 or 4am.

2. Most women show faster and/or larger the second, third, fourth, etc time around.

3. The best and healthiest way to lose weight is weight lifting, cardio, and most importantly diet. Lifting weights (6-10 reps, so a decently heavy weight) will build muscle which burns more calories at rest and revs your metabolism. Cardio (walking running, machines etc) will improve your heart, make you feel good, and burn fat. What you're eating is most important. You need to eat lots of protein, good carbs, and good fats. If you're eating tons of junk and too much all the exercise in the world wont do much of anything.

4. I originally thought this pregnacy was a girl because I was so sick in the 1st trimester compared with my first son. But nope, another boy! Each pregnancy can vary drastically, regardless of gender.

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