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Here is my story.

We have 7 children. I want at least one more. After my last was born I decided to try paragard IuD so we could have a break. Hubby was going to get a vasectomy but as it got closer we decided against it. After 3 months and non stop bleeding from the IUD I told my husband I was having it removed, and that even though the IuD went against my moral convictions, I did give it a good try and it wasn't working. Then I told him that he now needed to be the one in control of when to use a condom. That I didn't care if I got pregnant again and that I will be open and honest with him about my cycle and fertility signs so he can choose to use protection or not. So right now he is taking a wait and see approach. He doesn't mind another, but thinks we should at least wait another year. I somewhat

I have religious convictions/moral reasoning for not using birth control (not christian) and I tried my hardest to muffle those convictions by using birth control for myself and it made me upset and depressed. I just cant do it. Hubby has been very supportive. There are days I do wish his conviction was the same as mine, but he is 8 years older than me and feels like he could be done. I am trying to understand that, but it is hard.

Hope things turn around for you.
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