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Re: August *Garden Chat thread*

Hi guys! I have been mia. I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again and am now in the second trimester. It was a rough one.

So I have yet to taste a single tomato from my garden because the very thought made me want to throw up. I failed to pickle any of my cucumbers because I was sleeping 10 hours a day. The whole gardenis a jungle of weeds right now and I'm half tempted to just till everything and start my winter crops.

On the plus side, I got four pumpkins off of one vine (and it looks like one more is one the way!). My mom says my corn looks better than anything they are growing in Iowa right now (there has been a water shortage this year). Anyway, I think I'm ready to get back in my garden, I just have to figure out where to start, because there is a ton of work to be done.
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