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Re: Wine during pregnancy?

Originally Posted by KLeeCW View Post
I answered other because I would drink an occasional glass of wine during pregnancy, except my body cannot handle it. Except for really mild fruity whites, the smells and tastes instantly turn my stomach. I was celebrating Passover with the ILs and I thought I'd get away with the small glasses of red for prayers. I literally had to run from the table to the bathroom. So embarrassing!

I remember when I was pregnant with DS, we were visiting my ILs and DH and I were going to surprise the ILs with dinner. I'm the cook, DH was just helping me. We were cooking with red wine making a marinade for beef and I actually had to go to the other room because of the strong smell. I was 6 months at the time so past the crazy morning sickness stage. I had to yell the directions from the other room and anytime I got too close to the kitchen or the smell wafted I had to run to the bathroom.

An occasional glass of wine, particularly in the latter half of pregnancy, will not harm your baby. In European countries it is fairly common to see ladies having a glass with their meal and most people don't even notice.
I had the same issue during my last pregnancy. My DH had gotten a bottle of wine and I wanted some sips. That did not go well:/
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