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Re: natural birth

I had an epi with both of my boys...neither one took all the way so I did feel the urge to push, etc, etc. It was "fine".

I am pregnant with #3 and am NOT getting an epi this time. Here is why...about 3 years ago, my great friend called me and my BFF to help her deliver her baby. DH was overseas so we said absolutely. Military hospital, she got the epi...about instantly, she was unable to breathe. We called the nurse in, they rushed us out of the room. We sat for 45 minutes scared out of our minds, watching a million people running in and out of her room. They finally came and got us to explain. The epidural went up instead of down and paralyzed my friends ability to breathe. She was intubated and heavily sedated for what felt like such a long time until they could reverse the epidural effect.

Scariest time in MY LIFE. And I swore then, I would never get one again. I had heard the warning before but seeing it happen, seeing my friend not be able to breathe is forever etched in my memory. And given that both epis I DID have didn't even really numb me, I am going to pass this time. I am definitely scared of the pain but I KNOW I can do it.
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