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Re: natural birth

Let me preface by saying that 1: I know NOTHING as my only birth was a c/s 2: I am due in Nov and plan on a non medicated VBAC. I have found a few resources that have helped me gain book knowledge to help prepare for this event. I read Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and was AMAZED by the empowerment I felt from READING it (cover to cover...LOL I couldn't put it down!!!). I am not afraid of the pain that can come with child birth, never have been...I also haven't felt it yet! I am hiring a Doula and DP is reading Husband Coached Childbirth, I will either do Bradley classes or Hypnobirthing classes...I am still researching which one fits me best. I also read Homebirth in a Hospital and it is very useful as well. I cannot use a birthing center due to proximity to my home (too far) and just a little to unnerving for me in case of an emergency c/s. ALL that said...I still have no clue how this will 'go down' and just plan on 'crossing bridges' as I come to them...I wish you the best of luck and hope your birth goes as you want it to.
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