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Re: natural birth

I won't add a lot. I had a natural birth at a birth center with my son and am planning on a homebirth for this next one. I won't lie - my son's birth was long & sometimes painful, but I preferred having the control over how I handled what my body was throwing at me with the ability to move and do what I wanted than the idea of an epidural.

I also highly suggest the you look into having a doula at your birth. I wish I had one at DS's birth, and now being one, know what a help that support can be. It doesn't lock you in to a natural birth, but it's nice to have someone there who's been through it and can help you work through the contractions and comfort you. She is there to help you and your husband have the natural birth, but not to take over your husband's role. Also, she won't take your voice. If you decide to have the epidural, that's your decision and your doula should support it. It's really just a great investment.

Also, I would look into taking a childbirth ed class that is focused on natural birth. We did Bradley, but I've heard great things about Hypnobabies as well. Those classes (not the ones at the hospital) really teach you how to work with your body to handle the pain and discomfort. There are so many out there to choose from if you do a little research.

Ultimately the decision is yours. There's nothing wrong with going in with the intension of delivering naturally and then changing your mind. I had a friend who delivered her sone naturally, but then ended up choosing an epi for her second -- it's what your comfortable with. Whatever you do, make sure your comfortable in your choice. Don't just go for the natural birth because you feel that you "should" do it. Be committed to the process (even if it turns out differently). The key to a successful natural birth is going into it prepared, confident, supported, and relaxed. If you second guess it, it won't happen. Good luck!
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