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Re: No embryo seen :(

To the OP and and some more
Originally Posted by jj7202 View Post
My first was a BO. My son was conceived within the first three months (which they say is your most fertile time post m/c) and was born one year almost to the day of the loss of our first!

As devastating as this is babe, there is hope! I know statistics mean nothing to heal your heart. So I won't throw them in your face right now.

Please just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Please don't be afraid to grieve your loss. People who have never experienced a pregnancy loss (and even a few who have) may say some very insensitive things to you. You can be prepared for comments with this statement. "my baby was very precious to me, please don't try to minimize my pain or loss" ad leave it at that.

The one thing about pregnancy loss is that it does take away your innocence in a sense that future pregnancies you may not be as blissfully happy at the sight of a BFT. We in the sisterhood of lost babies know the realities. Often times there is fear, anxiety, and detachment along with hope and amazement.

I like to think of BOs as our bodies not willing to give up on our babies. Which says to me, "my body is working perfectly to support life." What happened is, somewhere when the egg and sperm met, one part of either or both of our genes didn't "zip up" per say. But my body can support life in the event that all the millions of things that need to line up to create life happens in synergy. Your body has not betrayed you.

I wish you peace and hope. You will survive this horrible moment in time. And I believe you will go on to have a healthy baby when your mind and body are ready to try again.
thank you. I had a miscarriage last year and lost my pregnancy innocence. You said it so beautifully.
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