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Re: Dissapointing MW appt. :(

Right there with ya mama! I have an awesome HB midwife who we have been working with since DS1 almost 6 years ago. She only attends singletons. BUT, if we have twins (at this point I think it is only 1) she did agree to come to the birth as the pedi (she is a naturopath and our family doc). So basically, we will hire her for a housecall :-) If you really love your MW, ask of you can hire her as a doula for your birth (if it is twins). There are HB MWs in my state who attend twin births, so I can still birth at home regardless.

As for the scan... Yeah, I had the same notion... Skip it and let be what will be. Unfortunately, there will come a time in a twin pregnancy that a skilled MW will know that there is more than 1 in there. After a lot of stressing it, I decided to hammer away at a plan B (twins) just in case, and I will be doing the 20 week US. Well, maybe :-)
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