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Two natural births in a hospital. But--- You should do what makes you happy. Period. Honestly when people asked me about natural birth (or epidural) while preggo, both times my response was always "we'll see". I had short labors. I labored at home for awhile before getting to the hospital. With #1 I checked in at 6cm, with #2 I checked in at 5 and half cm dilated. No definite start to either labor due to plenty of strong "braxton hicks" with both...but I was in the hospital 2hrs with the first and a lil over an hr with the second before I met each child. I remember looking at the clock with number two and thinking WHAT THE FRRUCK!

17hr labor? I cant say I wouldve gone all natural. Im kind of wimpy.

But as far as the benefits:
No catheter (people laugh when I tell them this but the ladies in my family are notorious for crappy plumbing and I did worry about infection)
Mobility (the entire labor with the exception of their 20mins of monitoring--I believe very beneficial for bringing baby down and shortening the labor but totally debatable bc one could also argue that the epi helps u relax and that helps speed labor. The internet research I did suggested that epi could actually slow labor...i do not know)
No headache, chills, fever, back pain, etc. related to an epi

The only person I have ever known in real life who said a negative thing about an epidural is a friend of mine who is a nurse, she says she still gets pain (or twinges?) in her back in the spot where the epi was. I have no idea if this is a legitimate issue but she did go epi free with her second. One thing that did "seal it" for me was this article:
This is obviously not the "norm" and isnt meant to scare you. It gave me mental motivation for a natural birth the second time around...but again, there are no trophies. You should have the birth you want.

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