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Re: Dissapointing MW appt. :(

@Green Decals. I can't find anyone in my state that attends twin births and finding HB MW was hard enough. With DD in 2010 I was 8 months a long when I finally decided on a MW after interviewing 6 or 8 and we did not mesh. However, when I went into labor she was out of the state due to death in the family but her back up MWs (there were two) showed up. Since I didn't like my original MW anyway and had such an amazing experience with the backups that as soon as I thought I was pregnant in 2011 (the pregnancy never registered and I miscarried twins) I called them and not the original MW.

These MW aren't that experienced, they are in their 40s-50s and recently made the switch to homebirthing. Prior to that they were L&D nurses at the local hospital. So they are pretty new at this but are really good. One MW has gone to quiet a few countries to help other MWs there and in doing so getting more experienced in a shorter amount of time but at the time they attended my HB in 2010 they had single digit births under their belt and most under the supervision of another MW. So it is possible that they would 'miss' a twin pregnancy but I think I'll just get that ultrasound at 20 weeks and be done with it.
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