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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Wrote out some of my story but too sad right now so tried to delete the whole thread but they won't let me...or I'm just I have to say something. Maybe I'll get brave and post the whole thing later.

Thanks for all the sharing--it is encouraging. We had our first three in three years and five in six years. Because of major serious health concerns and warning from drs. my husband felt like we should "wait", yet both of us were open and wanting all the children God would give us. Ha, ha, and we still had them close...last two were 11 months a part. And God has kept me alive through it all. My children are my miracle blessings and so worth it. I feel like it is in the heart of the matter--Jesus said, Let the little children come unto Me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven!

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