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Re: August *Garden Chat thread*

Originally Posted by brookglen View Post
Hi guys! I have been mia. I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again and am now in the second trimester. It was a rough one.

So I have yet to taste a single tomato from my garden because the very thought made me want to throw up. I failed to pickle any of my cucumbers because I was sleeping 10 hours a day. The whole gardenis a jungle of weeds right now and I'm half tempted to just till everything and start my winter crops.

On the plus side, I got four pumpkins off of one vine (and it looks like one more is one the way!). My mom says my corn looks better than anything they are growing in Iowa right now (there has been a water shortage this year). Anyway, I think I'm ready to get back in my garden, I just have to figure out where to start, because there is a ton of work to be done.
Great to have you back. So happy to see you feeling better!!
Just have fun with the garden this year moma. Pregnancy can be so tough.
Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
Hey ladies, how are your snap bean crops doing? I know a lot of us have had heat and when I search the specific issues I'm having with my crops I find that it all points to too-high temps. My bean plants have deeply grooved dark and curled leaves, blossom drop and what beans do set are small and curved into a perfect "c" shape. The only beans I'm getting perfect lovely beans from are the bush beans. I can't complain about them. They are pretty and the beans are huge. But I won't get the same crop from them as the pole (runner) beans. It stinks. Is anyone else having trouble? Last year I had beans coming out my ears... maybe it was a cooler year?
I was haveing the same problem with my beans. I pulled most and replanted.Now the ones i left are kicking butt with all new growth and big crops. Who would have thought those things had any hope. We have had rain again and they are produceing so much I'm picking daily. My poles aren't doing so hot. They are growing like mad, just no blooms. I think the prob was the heat and fluctuation is water. No with all this water, my mater are all splitting. I'm bringing them in to ripen as soon as I see them start to split. Then I blanch and freeze till I have enough to do preserves or whatever.

Originally Posted by dmwinge View Post
When I was out picking my zillion tomatoes, I checked on my 2 pumpkins. The borers are getting at the zines closer to the plant end but the vine ends are still looking good. I'm just hoping that there is enough of the vine left that my 2 little babies make it. I've never had luck with pumpkins, so I thought I would give it one more shot. I'm not doing any more vines next year. My cukes stink, I had to pull my zucchini, my watermelon and cantaloupe never grew and not the pumpkin is getting eaten
Those dag-nab borers got the rest of the plants I saved in the main garden from the mildew. Ugh! I feel your pain. The dang mildew get's me almost every year. That's why I'm so anal about keeping foilage thinned and off the ground. Next year I'm doing climbing! DH can just give it up, I'm useing that fence!

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
that is a giant cuke! Aw, I'm sorry about your corn. I wonder if it was wind.. I have had mine look like that after a wind storm. I have a bunch of seeds I'm gonna send you and some of them are short season corn varieties. Don't have as big an ear but they are still tasty. They also stay short, around 4-5 foot tall. It gets too hot, too fast here.
Thanks, I thought it was a cute pic, lol! I bet the wind is getting it. I should do closer rows next year. I'd love to try a shorter crop. I bet it would do well here. That's really sweet of you! The corn I was growing was some sort of sweet silver? I was excited to try it. I over planted to help with the girls this winter. I don't think it will have enough time? Fall is already showing slight signs of an early show.

I posted this in another thread about what I was up to. Just coppied it:

I've also been catching up on the garden. I have to move all of the onions. We decided to change the direction of the rows next spring because of the way the heavy rains flow. I need a perminent spot for my winter/green onions and garlic.
Hey, I did get in the rest of the fall broc, cauli, cabbage, carrot, and beat seeds.
I'm gonna wait a bit before I put in the fall greens. I went ahead and saved the onions for next years planting because they just didn't get big enough. I'm super worried my warm weather crops won't reach full peak before the cold sets in. This am is kinda chilly again. it was 59 a cpl days ago. Fall early? Sooo worried.

I think I have a man that is gonna trade me some pullets for the white, black tailed Japanese bantams I have. I really don't want any of the small breeds again. Oh, all the boys, even the littles, are trying to breed the girls! I wish I had had my camera! The little bantam twin was trying to mount my huge australorp! Now I have been trying to explain this one to Cayden, haha. We called it a kiss at first, that didn't work for long.
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