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Re: Facial moisturizer.

Originally Posted by indigo152 View Post
Glad I found this thread! I have been wanting to try a natural facial moisturizer as well as hair conditioner, and it sounds as though coconut oil could do the trick (I was wondering what to do with the jar of coconut oil I had in the cupboard)
I just need to know, however, how much coconut oil you use on your face as well as how much in your hair? Does it leave a greasy feel to face or hair? I have combination skin. I also have very thick, frizzy hair.
Yeah, this! They were my next questions. Does it leave a greasy feeling? How much should I use? Do you use it every day? I just bought some makeup that is a mineral powder...I'm used to using a well known liquid foundation and after looking on skindeep's website, my old stuff rates an 8 for toxicity (10 being the worse) and the kind I found (and purchased) rates a 0 or 1. I want to try to get myself down to wearing no makeup or just mineral powder only when going out. My skins not terrible...I have it under control, atm, but it's acne prone and gets red easily. I have the T-zone, combo too. My chin is the absolute worst area for acne. I always have some sort of zit there. Would it be ok to use before I put on the mineral makeup?
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