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Re: ATTS: July 2012

The wait is killing me! I am supposed to start AF on Friday so technically I could take one of those tests that say up to 6 days before your period (can't remember which one that is) but I promised that hubs I would try to wait until I at least missed my period since the cost of tests adds up when you are ttc. I woke up today feeling sick to my stomache and I had a killer headache. Being sick has been the first sign with both my boys so here is hoping this is our month! I ate a banana and it has made me feel a bit better but not completely. I feel like I am on the edge of being sick any minute now. It's funny that I find myself actually wanting to barf because it would almost certainly mean I am pregnant, lol. oh and I don't feel like it is an illness at all, I mean the only thing wrong with me is I feel sick to my stomache so I really don't think it is the flu or something dumb like that but I guess I will find out on friday!
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