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Re: August *Garden Chat thread*

Originally Posted by sarahannecloud9 View Post
Great to have you back. So happy to see you feeling better!!
Just have fun with the garden this year moma. Pregnancy can be so tough.

I was haveing the same problem with my beans. I pulled most and replanted.Now the ones i left are kicking butt with all new growth and big crops. Who would have thought those things had any hope. We have had rain again and they are produceing so much I'm picking daily. My poles aren't doing so hot. They are growing like mad, just no blooms. I think the prob was the heat and fluctuation is water. No with all this water, my mater are all splitting. I'm bringing them in to ripen as soon as I see them start to split. Then I blanch and freeze till I have enough to do preserves or whatever.

I think you nailed it right there, too many fluctuations this year. This has been a really poor gardening year for me. I have not had much to put up for the winter at all. My tomatoes are splitting too... I need to get out and pick again later today.

Those dag-nab borers got the rest of the plants I saved in the main garden from the mildew. Ugh! I feel your pain. The dang mildew get's me almost every year. That's why I'm so anal about keeping foilage thinned and off the ground. Next year I'm doing climbing! DH can just give it up, I'm useing that fence!

Thanks, I thought it was a cute pic, lol! I bet the wind is getting it. I should do closer rows next year. I'd love to try a shorter crop. I bet it would do well here. That's really sweet of you! The corn I was growing was some sort of sweet silver? I was excited to try it. I over planted to help with the girls this winter. I don't think it will have enough time? Fall is already showing slight signs of an early show.

Yeah I think esp with your location you're going to need a cool soil friendly crop with a shorter maturity date. You prob. planted silver queen, same as me. It likes warm nights though so if it's been getting unseasonably cool that's why it's not taking off. The forecast so far is for a el NINO year which typically means very cold, very wet winter for us. When a NINO year hits we can count on winter two weeks early and snows either mid-nov or early Dec. Any other year we get just a few flurries in january and february with steady cool temps. I hadn't planned on planting fall crops for a couple weeks but upon reading that forecast a couple days ago I'm starting to plant and start seedlings indoors now.

I posted this in another thread about what I was up to. Just coppied it:

I've also been catching up on the garden. I have to move all of the onions. We decided to change the direction of the rows next spring because of the way the heavy rains flow. I need a perminent spot for my winter/green onions and garlic.
Hey, I did get in the rest of the fall broc, cauli, cabbage, carrot, and beat seeds.
I'm gonna wait a bit before I put in the fall greens. I went ahead and saved the onions for next years planting because they just didn't get big enough. I'm super worried my warm weather crops won't reach full peak before the cold sets in. This am is kinda chilly again. it was 59 a cpl days ago. Fall early? Sooo worried.

I think I have a man that is gonna trade me some pullets for the white, black tailed Japanese bantams I have. I really don't want any of the small breeds again. Oh, all the boys, even the littles, are trying to breed the girls! I wish I had had my camera! The little bantam twin was trying to mount my huge australorp! Now I have been trying to explain this one to Cayden, haha. We called it a kiss at first, that didn't work for long.
LOL, I had to finally give in and do a little birds and the bees speech with the boys the other day. I think Connor knows more than he lets on. He's almost 10 so I think that's normal. Danny says "whys he dancin' on them!" Good thing I only have one roo! I only have little red salad onions in the ground now, I hope they make it to harvest! Did you see that seed savers had trouble with their crops? I was going to order onion and garlic from them but I'm not sure now.
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