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Hi girls.

I am so sad. The little 5 year old that we were chosen to be her adoptive family isn't going to work out. I have been crying all morning. She came Friday for her first PPV and things were going well until we had several incidences of behaviors we were in no way prepared for. These behaviors were not something we expected in the least and as sad as I am, I am obligated to protect my biological children. The agency wasn't entirely truthful or aware that these behaviors existed so we feel very surprised and overwhelmed. I am very sad for her.

It will be a rough week or so as we deal with the emotional fallout of having to tell the agency that it isn't going to work out. A sad day.

Please don't quote this.
I'm so tired of hearing about how important a birth is. It is absolutely nothing more than an obstacle between a family and a baby.
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