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Re: 19 Small and 29 Medium Bumgenius AIOs


SOLD I have 4 BNIP Elementals- $23ppd each or $66ppd for all 3
1 Ribbit, 1 Moonbeam, 1 Twilight, 1 Grasshopper

SOLD I have 6 Freetimes in EUC- $16ppd each in lots of 3 or more or $90ppd for all 6
1 White, 1 Sassy, 1 Moonbeam, 1 Mirror, 1 Albert, 1 Clementine

Also have 2 BNIP Freetime- $18ppd each
SOLD 1 Ribbit, SOLD 1 Lovelace

SOLD I have 3 EUC small Bumgenius AIOs available. $36ppd for the lot

ALL SOLD Newborn Swaddlebees Simplex AIO $15ppd each
Bought new by me. Almost all have some degree of EBF staining. I have not sunned them or tried to get them out. I wash on warm with charlies soap and dry on low. No issues with PUL, snaps, or elastic.

2 SOLD, 2 still available butterflies
4 baby blooms
SOLD 2 swirls
SOLD 1 tweets
1 butter
1 meadow green
SOLD 2 periwinkle
2 pink
2 cow (not pictured)

I might have a few more hiding that I'll add as I find them

SOLD I also have 8 white medium Bumgenius 1.0 AIOs available. $64ppd for all 8

I took lots of pictures, but can take more or describe specific things in more detail if requested. Washed in charlies soap. Dried indoors on a drying rack. Never sunned. Mild staining. The aplix landing strips are not fuzzy. The tabs of the 1.0 are not completely flat, kind of wavy, but are not curling either. They still work perfectly. The laundry tabs work perfectly. The front pul does not have any or very very minimal pills. The elastic is still stretchy, but not super tight.

White 1.0s

Close up of landing strips to show no fuzzies

Typical condition of the aplix tabs

Comparison pictures of a small 3.0 (grasshopper) to the medium 1.0 (white)

TRADED: The first 10 (2 sassy, 2 mirror, 4 zinnia, 1 lovelace, 1 white) are in like new condition. They were bought new by me and were only used 0-3 times each. One of the zinnias has a small ebf stain that I haven't sunned...I don't see any other stains or issues.
PRICE REDUCED! These are $10ppd each or $90 for all 10. Will only sell in lots of 2 or more.

SOLD 7 Swaddlebees Simplex Onesize AIOs available. 1 monkey, 1 cow, 2 owl, and 2 giraffe. Bought new by me and are 2-6 months old. Washed in warm with charlie's and dried on low. A few are a bit dingy but no other issues. Only selling because ds is using the potty so we will slowly be downsizing his stash and he said these were his least favorite prints.

PRICE REDUCED! $20ppd each

Also have 1 NWT Dinos print for $24ppd.

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