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Jodie ~ wife & mama
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Thanks ladies

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There is nothing wrong with you and you are not broken...although I know it does feel that way sometimes! If you are happy/content with being single, that's all that matters. Focus on your child and adding to your family...sometimes dating/relationships just get in the way! :-)
I guess I'm worried that my contentment with being single is going to take away any chance I ever have of finding someone. I mean what if I am not content like this forever?

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I feel exactly as you do, minutes the more kids. I'm bru close to being in a relationship with a guy, but I've told him time and time again that it's not like we're getting married and having babies. (He actually asked me if I wanted more kids, because he'd like another son...) We haven't even gone on a first date!!! And, just found out he lives with his ex?!?! No wonder they're on again off again!

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Oh jeez. See..perfect example. Yes, perfect stranger, I'd love to have your baby
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