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Re: My MIL Just Tried...

My MIL got up from the table to walk over and try to stuff a piece of cream puff in my barely 6 month old's mouth, and was displeased when I stopped her. When I reminded her that he had to have Alimentum formula because he was allergic to milk and soy, she says, "Well this part doesn't have any cream on it."

The next morning at brunch when, after she mentioned that she was sure we didn't want her to give him any of the biscuit, soy sausage or eggs on her plate (and we agreed), she swipes her finger in the grape jelly dripped on her plate and reaches over to stick her finger in DS's mouth Fortunately, DH was holding him at the time and pulled him away.

The funny thing to me was, as determined as she was to shove food in his mouth, she never offered to feed him the mashed banana, oatmeal, or few other baby food purees he was eating at that point.

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