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Originally Posted by CrunchyMomOf2
My IL's drove DD home to our house from their house when she was 4 months old (it was completely against my better judgment that they have her alone). When they carried her car seat inside she WASN'T STRAPPED IN! MIL informed me that FIL "couldn't figure it out" so they just "drove really carefully." We live 25 min away! I was and still am (5 months later) livid. They are both in their 60's but we gave them EXTENSIVE car seat training before and after DD was born. They actually say we are "overprotective" for making her and DS8 even use car seats (booster for DS). Last week we switched to a Britax convertible, and MIL asked, "Oh, can we turn her around 'the right way' now?" DD is 9 months...

I think I would have totally lost it.
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