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Re: Join my Facebook page?? critique my page?

Originally Posted by Umm_Ibraheem View Post
liked both!
@tray I agree crispier pics, Put actual hours that you'd be online so that ppl don't comment and wait and wait and wait and wait for a response. This way if you don't respond then they don't that "hey she's not online right now". kwim? Also add timeline app (its what FB is calling tabs nowadays) with promotional stuff, mailing list or even link directly to your shop/site.

@JayJaysMama same advice. Both of you have "eye candy" products and those pictures should be getting a lot of feedback plus share. At the moment the quality of pics needs to improve.

If I came across as mean forgive me, tone doesn't carry over into my texts.
Nope! I agree !! my pics aren't that good they are all taken with my blackberry at the moment :S. Thank you for your feedback!! .. i'm not sure what your meaning about the adding timeline??
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