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i am pretty much in the same boat so I don't know if I could really offer anything in the way of advice, but I will share what we try to do as far as a very relaxed schedule.

I *try* to get up before the baby but she is a really early riser (I'm talking 5:30-6) so I don't do so good much of the time. We all get up and eat, watch PBS kids for a little bit, start school lessons around 8-9 and continue that until lunch, after lunch it's naps for the younger two and quiet time for the oldest, after they all wake up (around 2-ish) we do extra curricular subjects, run errands, "field-trips", play outside, etc. I often let the older two watch a movie or play PBS kids on the computer for around an hour or so while I start dinner (4:30-5-ish), dinner around 6, bedtime routine, and bedtime around 7-7:30. My kids wake up early so I put them to bed early (they wake up at the same time no matter what).

This gives me and hubby some alone hours together or time for me to craft, read, watch TV, get some extra house work done, etc.

It's not anything special, but it works for us and the couple hours in the middle of the day (naps/quiet time) and the early bedtimes definitely are life-savers for me and my sanity!

I can't wait to read what more experienced moms do as far as routines here.
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