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Originally Posted by Green Decals

Hey mama, do you get flack from family/friends/strangers about your kids all having the same first letter in their names? We are doing the same, not that we planned it like that (I used to hate the idea, actually) but it just so happens that EVERY name we like starts with the same letter! We have 2 kiddos right now and another on the way, and we don't announce names until the baby is born, but I am bracing myself. Any advice on how to handle the uproar? Some people have already started to ask if we will name the baby with the same first letter! I don't let on to anything, we are super secret about the names, always.
I'm not the mama in question but I have 3 boys with all K names. People do give looks & my step-mom calls the baby Jack instead of Korbin. I always call them the wrong name.

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