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Re: Dissapointing MW appt. :(

I have to encourage you to go and get a scan if you feel like you are pregnant with twins. There are so many risks and problems that can occur with twins and you really need to be consuming more calories, and often times supplements as well. They take a lot from your body, so it's good to know when they are there. I agree with your DH that it is a bad idea for her not to know if there ARE two in there.

Often times twins come early, so even if you did line up a hb midwife who would do it, it doesnt mean that you will be able to deliver at home. Most twins are born at 35.5 weeks, which you would typically be sent to the hospital by your midwife. The more weight you gain, the less likely your chance of preterm delivery is (most practitioners suggest 45-50 lbs for average sized women. If baby A is transverse or breech, you will almost inevitably need a section.

Just some things to think about I hope it helps you make your decision, either way.
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