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Re: Dissapointing MW appt. :(

The "all twins come early and you have to have to have a c/s"'is what makes me want a HB even more for twins... But with a midwife who is experienced in breech delivery. Both my FIL and his twin, and my mother and her twin, were all full-term (38-40 weeks) and all of the babies were over 7 pounds, all vaginal, and the only one who wasn't breech was my mother. FIL and his brother were footling (one) and frank (the other) breech. Unfortunately, nobody but experienced, twin-birth-attending, homebirth midwives are trained to attend breech births nowadays.

But, that being said, if you have confidence in your birth team and they have experience with twins and breech babies, then go for it. It sounds like they may be a bit lacking in the experience department, so perhaps you could find a really old OB who is willing to attend a breech if you have twins.

We lost a set of triplets between our two boys... You and I have a lot in common OP :-)
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