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Originally Posted by TinaDeanette

I have had a few people IRL tell me that my kids are gonna hate me blah blah blah. I get the, 'taking after the Duggers' sometimes too. Really, I just try to change the subject. It's none of their business! For the most part people think its cool. I have never had to tell someone in really life to mind their own business but I would if it came to that.

My oldest is 13 and he never says anything about their names. I dot think it's a big deal.

We didn't start off making everyone's names the same. it just happened but then we kept it going because I felt like the kid without a matching name would feel unloved!
Us too. Well my husband felt that way. I was pushing for a B name since DSD has a B name and we would have 2 K & 2 B kiddos. He refused. I guess cuz her brother (not DH's) is a B name.

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