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Re: Do you think this is an impossible schedule for DH?

I think it sounds difficult. I think it would heavily depend on him. My husband used to have a similar schedule and there was no baby. Get home between 4 and 7am. (every day different, so you never knew how much sleep he could get) my DD woke up around 7 and 8. (she was 3 at the time). I always wondered how much time he spent dozed off on the couch while watching her, he'd try to plan a trip to the park or pool a few times a week. She napped in the afternoon, so he did get a nap before leaving for work. He had to be at work at 4- and I would pick her up from his work after I got off. I know he was dog tired with this schedule, but typical work week was Sunday-thursday. So he did a lot of sleep catch up Friday night when I got home, and slept in super late on the weekends, and I'd get up with her, but I know he "loved" when he had to leave two months for training because he would sleep from the time he got off until until an hour before work.

I don't think my husband personally would be able to do it with a newborn (at least not with the personalities our little ladies had)... BUT the newborn phase doesn't last forever, and he could try and adapt her schedule to benefit his. I think most women do a lot better with sleep deprivation than males, when it comes to newborns. Could you always try it, and if it doesn't work evaulate what needs to change to be able to work.

ETA: I would think if you guys can find a way for him to nap the full time your son is at school, he might be able to balance it.
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