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Hospital Door Sign

Hi mamas, I am looking for help in wording a sign to post on the outside of my hospital door during my stay something that communicates "I hope someone doesn't walk in while I'm breastfeeding".

Last year a nurse posted a written sign that just said "Visitors, please check at nurses station before entering". But I honestly don't feel it's the nurses place to be my bouncer nor do I want to be a burden on them.

I'd like to hear your suggestions on a friendly sign to post on the door. Please keep in mind, this is a sign that I not be able to flip over frequently as I will be having a C-Section for my breech baby, so don't think I will be running back & forth to the door before & after each nursing session.

I did find a cute door hanger on Etsy that says "It takes a Hot Mama to make warm milk - Breastfeeding in Progress". But again, I won't be able to hang & remove this each time we breastfeed.

Maybe something like "Please knock. My Mom & I are learning how to breastfeed."

Thanks so much for your help!

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