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Re: Mama's in Germany, Bawu, Hessen, Bayern, its getting warm outside...

Hi...Liz is it? I saw your post on this thread where you asked for advice on what detergent to use to wash CDs in Germany. (Sorry, I know this is off the original topic of the thread.) I didn't see an answer to your question. I wish I had an answer for you, but unfortunately I'm in the same boat! I'm in Frankfurt (not military), pregnant with my first (due in November), and I plan on using CDs. My biggest concern at this point is also what detergent to use. I've read so many horror stories about various detergents leaving buildup on diapers so they don't absorb anything. If by chance you (or anyone else) has any leads on good detergents, I've love to hear about them, if you don't mind passing them along!

Hope your pregnancy is going well! - Kimberly
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