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Re: Do you think this is an impossible schedule for DH?

Originally Posted by pumkinsmommy View Post
I was thinking about this when I saw that you were expecting, congratulations!! I think you should let your mother stay for a about 2 months. Your husband drives so far for work that it is dangerous for him to get that little amount of sleep. Can you son take the bus?
Thanks for thinking of me and my little family, mama. We had a 5 year plan, but didn't take into account half day kindy.

Buses are not provided for half day kindy, but the school is only 2 blocks from us. I did find that the YMCA a mile down the road offers after school care and transportation, though, but getting DH to agree might be more problematic. Stubborn, stubborn.

Originally Posted by leadmare View Post
Aside from any issues with baby and enough sleep for your DH, what concerns me most is how this schedule will affect your relationship with your husband. Everyone is different, but for me, I would not be Ok with this situation. With the stress of a new baby, sleep deprived adults... We'd be asking for trouble. Just something to think about. Remember you and your dh's relationship is super important!
We've had this opposite schedule deal since DS was born and it actually works in our favor sometimes LOL! But yes, I agree that our relationship is very important, which is why I'm willing to find another alternative to DH becoming sleep deprived. He does feel it's important to "father" his children and actually parent them, which I can understand, but I don't want to put his health at risk either.
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