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I have three kids (DD1- almost 5, DS- 3.5, DD2- 1, and DD3 due in September!) and we follow a general schedule, although it varies a bit depending on what shift DH is working (day or night).

7-7:30- Older kids wake up, breakfast.
8-8:30- Get dressed, brush teeth and hair, make beds.
8:30-9- Play quietly, I usually have my coffee now!
9ish- DD2 wakes up and eats.
9:30-10:30- Start school- phonics and math.
10:30- snack, then we finish Bible and unit lessons.
11:30- play outside (weather permitting), or play inside while Mommy makes lunch.
12:30- Lunch.
1-1:30- Chores.
1:30- Naptime for DS and DD2, quiet time for DD1, second cup of coffee for Mommy lol, then cleaning.
2:30- DD1 is usually done with nap time and talks to/plays/helps me while I clean.
3-3:30- DS and DD2 wake up, snack time.
4-5pm- Playtime, inside or out, just whatever they want to do while I make supper.
5-6- supper and clean up/chore time.
6-7- Mommy's alone time when Daddy is on day shift (because I have an awesome DH who occupies the kids for me!) I usually use this time to work on craft orders.
7-8pm- Family time. Games, movies, etc.
8pm- Bedtime starts, unless a movie runs late or something.
8:30pm- All of the kids are tucked in.
8:30-9pm- Whatever planning I need to do- meals, shopping, homeschool, etc. If I don't do it right after they go down, it just doesn't get done.
9-11pm- Mommy and Daddy time when DH works days, more relaxing time for Mommy when he works nights.
Then I'm usually off to bed!
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