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1) Favorite AIO- Ragababes or Eli Monster

2) Favorite AI2 or Hybrid System- Peachy Green (though the ones I have are actually labeled Fishnoodles). Or possibly Grasshopper.

3) Favorite Pocket- None really. I guess you could consider rags to be a pocket but I don't stuff them so to me they are just aio's

4) Favorite Fitted- Goodmama for day. Sbish for night. (we are a fitteds family

5) Favorite Prefold and Flat- I suppose GMD prefolds, though I haven't tried the other bug name ones.

6) Favorite Cover- fleece soakers/pants

7) Favorite Wool Product- Never got into it :/

8 ) Pins, Snappis or Biongos?- I guess snappis. I've never liked pins and I can't seem to master the boingo's!

9) Favorite inserts and/or doublers- Rags. Or just a trifolded prefold

10) Favorite wetbag/pail liner- Tough one. I don't really care for my large ones, though I do like my goodmama medium and small ones. I also like my RaR one, but I think it's too small to use as my primary wetbag.

11) Favorite cloth wipes- Any. I'm not picky

12) Favorite WAHM shop- Tough one! All I use are wahms and I love them all

13) Favorite Online CD store- Whatever one has what I'm looking for

14) Favorite Natural Detergent- Eh. Not sure. I'm not picky and have tried most of them!

15) Favorite Mainstream Detergent- Same as above.

16) Hook & Loop or snaps?- Neither? Ds has started undoing both so they are equally frustrating right now! Though because we mainly use fitteds I suppose I'd say snaps!

And a few more questions just for fun

17) Why do you CD?- Because I sure wouldn't want to wear a diaper all day! I do it mostly for my lo's bottom, to make him feel better. I like to think it's to save the world and money but those aren't my main reason at all. I like not having to throw anything away though! And I love that I can reuse my favorites for the next babies!

18 ) How many LOs do you have in diapers and when did you first start CDing them?- one child, a boy. We started as soon as we came home from the hospital at about 2.5 days old!

19) What diaper are you REALLY wanting to try next?- None really! I'm at stash brand nirvana I believe, now if only I could get to stash NUMBER nirvana we'd be good

20) If you could only pick ONE diaper for your entire stash (not counting the newborn stage) which one would you pick?- Couldn't do it!! I love our fitteds (gm's) at home but we use aio/ai2's out of the house. So let's narrow it down to two- goodmama and ragababe

I love quizzes, so thank you for making this!!
Betsy, wife to P and bfing, cding, non circing, bwing mama to C (7/7/11) and S (9/19/13)

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