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Re: Just for fun - 20 Q's Survey - All your favorites!

1) Favorite AIO-I don't use PUL

2) Favorite AI2 or Hybrid System-again no PUL

3) Favorite Pocket-again no PUL

4) Favorite Fitted-Muttaqins

5) Favorite Prefold and Flat-GMD prefolds-like sizeing and imagine flats softest flats I have-because of cost I haven't tried GMD flats

6) Favorite Cover-lanacare wool soaker

7) Favorite Wool Product-toss up between disana and lanacare. I prefer the disana at night because of the gentler waist and the lanacare for under regular clothes because they are the trimmest wool soaker I have yet tried

8) Pins, Snappis or Biongos? I prefer dritz pins because they are cheaper and don't squish the crotch.

9) Favorite inserts and/or doublers-I prefer to use a padfolded gerber flat because they are trim and readily availble locally

10) Favorite wetbag/pail liner-so far I much prefer planetwise wet bags because none have delaminated yet and they come in pretty and interesting prints. All my other wet bags have delaminated within a few months use.

11) Favorite cloth wipes-Hemp Jersey Wipes by CDI--6 Pack from fuzzybunzstore. They are soft, big sturdy, and yet still thin enough. They are also cheap for hemp wipes at only $7.50 for 6 wipes. I also like that the red edge matches my GMD red edge diapers.

12) Favorite WAHM shop-I usually buy fsot so don't have a fave WAHM

13) Favorite Online CD store-nickisdiapers cheapest prices and diapersafari free shipping even on CJ'S BUTTer

14) Favorite Natural Detergent-7th Generation available locally

15) Favorite Mainstream Detergent-ALL free and clear

16) Hook & Loop or snaps? SNAPS for sure. I hate hook and loop

And a few more questions just for fun

17) Why do you CD? Better for baby, environment, money, it is just plain old fun to do.

18) How many LOs do you have in diapers and when did you first start CDing them? I have one in diapers currently 13 months old. We started using cloth on him at 8 days. We started cloth on ds1 at about 4 months and cloth diapered for around 1 1/2 years with him.

19) What diaper are you REALLY wanting to try next? I would really love to try imagine bamboo prefolds and GMD flats. I would also like to try disana muslin flats.

20) If you could only pick ONE diaper for your entire stash (not counting the newborn stage) which one would you pick? flats hands down. So trim and cute. Easy to keep clean and stain free. They store very neatly in drawer. Adjust to all babies of all sizes and can be used from birth to potty training.
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