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Re: Wine during pregnancy?

Originally Posted by rohirette View Post
Occasional wine or beer - no more than 1 unit (4-5 oz of wine or 1 12oz beer = a unit.)

There is no evidence that infrequent to moderate consumption during pregnancy has any negative affects. There was even a German study a while back that showed a positive correlation between moderate wine drinking and the child's IQ. I have no idea of the quality of the study, the controls or confounders, but it is something to be aware of.

Public health officials essentially have to make an across the board recommendation to abstain. They can't use subjective terms like "infrequent" or "moderate" because people will interpret that how they want to interpret it, and overall lifestyles vary.
This, exactly.

I drank red wine once in a while, but a half glass (around 2 oz). When I wanted white wine, which I never had much interest in pre-pregnancy, I would pour around 2 ounces over ice (classy!) and sip that. I had a huge aversion to beer while pregnant and didn't even want it around me. I drank a half glass of champagne at a few weddings, and we did go wine-tasting while I was 7 months pregnant, but I was really picky what I tasted and generally just did a teeny sip of what I chose.

My palette was awesome wine-tasting while pregnant. I could pick out everything.
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