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Just irritable

Got a call last week, failed my 1 hr glucose test, so had to go in today to do the 3 hr test. Of course had nothing to eat after Midnight, test was scheduled for 9am, so nothing to eat at all, except that stupid drink, from midnight till after noon. Between time allowed for blood draws and waiting to get back, I wasn't actually home until 12:30. Which is fine, but of course by then I was starving. I ate, but now am nauseaous and feel like I am going to puke, but also still hungry.

So, I am irritable and whiney just because of that. Then...I am TIRED. I have to get everyone in my house up at 6am. I have to take DD1 to school. She drives, but she's on a learners permit and has to have 50 supervised hours logged, so driving herself to and from school is a GREAT way to rack up all the hours. But it means me and the two little ones have to be up at 6 with DD1, because we all have to go because DH has to be out the door between 6:30 and 7am. Since DD1 just started school last Wednesday, this is a new schedule, we were waking up between 7 and 8 over the summer.

When I got home my sister, who was watching my girls, had cleaned my house. Which would be great if the cleaning hadn't come with the implication in her voice that I don't clean well enough. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant, with my 4th, my 3rd in 4 years, I have a teen, a nearly 4 yr old, a nearly 2 yr old and my DH works 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, plus he has a 1 hr commute each way. In addition to cooking from scratch for them most days, I am regularly driving my teen to work and back, to school activities like the freshman orientation that she manned a booth at (she's a junior) and so on. Not to mention that I can't keep my two little ones locked inside all day just so I can clean and the youngest can't be outside alone yet. And the bugs-ants, flies and spiders, which we have a problem with every summer anyway- are SO bad this year due to the heat and drought and I am battling them constantly. Not to mention that the cleaning my sister did in my house, she doesn't do regularly in her own home, despite the fact that she owns her own business and only works a half day, and her only son (her older one is a step son only there half the time) is in school full time now.
Whatever, I might just be reacting to that because I am irritable.

My 3 yr old is doing EVERYTHING she knows she isn't supposed to-hanging on the baby gate between the kitchen and the family room, building a mountain of blankets (which is fine) but then crawling under it to hide under the end table and kick her feet up to knock the table into the wall, playing with all sorts of random crap in the kitchen, pulling her little sister around by the arm, "washing" her hands in the bathroom to play with the bubbles etc etc.

I opened a new bank account on Friday, we are changing banks. I was told I could access the online banking at the new bank today, but turns out it's 48 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays, after it's opened. So I am in that limbo between the old bank where the direct deposits and the auto bill pays are and the new bank, where some money is because I needed some in there to open the account, but not much else is. Have to avoid using the debit card on the old because once the direct deposit is switched all the pending transactions have to have processed before I close it, but don't have a new debit card yet.

Oh, and, I am contracting once or twice an hour and have been for a while. I always have lots of contractions, call them BH contractions or whatever, but there's nothing that stops them and they aren't productive so they aren't a huge concern. They just hurt and are annoying and frustrating.

Oh, and, they told me my numbers on my 1 hr...the range is 50 to 1 hr number, having had NOTHING to eat before the 1 hr, was 179. They said at that number it was more likely that this 3 hr is going to come back high too. I don't have time or patience to have gestational diabetes on top of everything else.

I am still hungry. I have grilled cheese on the menu for lunch, but forgot to take the cheese out of the freezer.
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