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DD turned 1 and turned into an all night nurser

I was just wondering how common this is with you ladies.

DD has been 1 for almost a month and for the past few weeks has been nursing like crazy at night. The past few days especially she wakes up every hour or every other hour to eat. In the past she'd sometimes wake up in the night and want me, but it's mainly for comfort. Now when she wakes up she's nursing so strong, like she hadn't eaten all day, and then she'll do that again the next hour, and the next. I feel like I have a newborn again and have been losing sleep. Maybe she is just going through a serious growth spurt? She eats 3 meals a day and snacks and nurses, so I'm pretty sure she's getting enough during the day.

Oh and normally she sleeps through the night and only nurses once or not at all until morning, so it is not like she's always been an all night nurser. Just wondering about other 1 year old LOs out there.
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