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Re: Anyone else getting burned out?

Originally Posted by DottieHarley View Post
To PP's, my mom was a teacher and Yeah, she loved having summers off but would start getting antsy around this time. I could always tell bc there would be more cleaning going on...
I am just tired of feeling like there arent enough hours in the day, or days in the week. Esp being summer, there are things we want to do - some fun, some not - but they all have to be crowded into the weekends. I am always exhausted on Sunday nights! It doesnt help that DH works late, like home-after-bedtime late, 3-4 days a week and now theres an extra late day. Permanently. And for what i can see, no financial benefit. Its not reeeeeally that big a deal but it is mentally tough.
And i feel guilty for complaining about it all.
This! I feel like I spend all weekend trying to catch up on stuff that didn't get done during the week, just to turn around and start all over again!
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