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Re: anyone else switch to a midwife at the end of pregnancy

I think the CNM/homebith conection varies GREATLY form state-to-state, so you'll need to check into that. Definately not too late, but one thing to consider...births tend to go well and be peaceful when mom is comfortablein her surrounding. If a homebirth is a desire for you anyways, I say go for it! If not, would you be nervous, because that could have an influence on the "Ease" of your labor...Moms whoa re at peace with ther birthing choices tend to have "easier" delieveries, faster labors and a greater sense of well-being following the birth Personally, i think that babiaes are made at home and should be born there, but that's not always the right choice for all moms. I think you need to listen to your heart, and birth wehre it leads you...

Another thing to consider...some hospitals have programs to help subsidize your costs, even if you are not low-income. They will take into consideration all your debt, monthly payments on rent/mortgage, car loans, insurances, etc. and come up with a solution. If you decide you owuld be more comfortable in the hospital, maybe you oculd look into that?

What state are you in?
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