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might give you some hope. I was 176 after my 1 hour (didn't eat prior either) but I passed my 3 hour no problem (minus ralphing it up at about 50 minutes into it)
That does give me some hope, thanks! I was THIS CLOSE to both puking and passing out about 45 minutes into it this morning. I failed the 1 hr and passed the 3 hr when I was pg with my first. I don't remember what my numbers were 17 yrs ago though.

Overall, I am feeling a little bit better. Immediately after typing that, I had to go pay a bill, that I did have cash for but because I had to pay it in cash I had to get my 2 littles loaded up, drive them there, and then unload them and have them run around the waiting room while they processed the cash payment, instead of just calling and have them run my debit card. And I wasn't looking forward to that when I typed it. Then after doing that, I had to go to my oldest's school and pick her up from school. And I was still STARVING, and getting a headache as a result, so I swung through a drive through after going over 2 weeks without a drive thru meal and having messed up our budget to do so.

BUT, advantage to having a teenager at this stage of young children and pregnancy, since she was driving I could relax a bit (not a lot since I was instructing but at least able to sit comfortably) and then came home and laid down for about a 45 minute nap. And now am eating another bowl of cereal and getting dinner started. So feeling better, even if not 100%
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