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Just so do you deal when something doesn't work out?

My husband has been hearing chatter for a few months that he is going to be transferred to an international location for work. It is so exciting because it is a short-term gig (18 months) so we wouldn't have to really say good bye to our friends or our house. It would be like a boon-doggle, really! The locations thrown out sounded fabulous: maybe Ireland, maybe The Dominican Republic!

I studied abroad in college three times and speak Spanish. I was dreaming of an 18 month stay in the D.R. and perfecting my Spanish, lying on the beach, doing charity work for the less-fortunate. Or perhaps discovering a new place like Ireland with the option to travel to France and Germany easily since I love those nations so much!

Today was the big meeting with the boss and she revealed where she wants to send him...


UH!!! (that is the sound of the wind getting knocked out of my sails)

How do you deal with disappointment?
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