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Re: Just so do you deal when something doesn't work out?

This post is SO funny to me, here is why.... DH is military, we were living in Cali and expecting to be sent to Maryland, which made us SO happy because our family is in Buffalo, NY! We got sent to Hawaii instead and were so depressed about it. Everyone thought we were insane cause Hawaii is amazing. Two years later, we have one year left in Hawaii and are trying desperately to get a recruiting position in Buffalo. How do you deal with the disappointment? Find a silver lining!

DH & I were born and raised in Western, NY. I promise it is not as bad as it sounds. We grew up in Grand Island, NY (right between Buffalo & Niagara Falls) and it was an excellent place to grow up. I highly recommend looking for a home (apartment/house) there. The schools were great. I'd be happy to answer questions you have about the area.
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