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Re: Please share your 1 all time hands down favorite thriftyish meal

Originally Posted by nikkicaligirl View Post
you didnt ask me but this has turned out to be my favorite overall dough recipe. I do use half whole wheat and I also use it for stromboli, the breadsticks listed below the dough recipe and pizza. We like more of a hand tossed thickness crust so it really only makes 1 pizza for us not 2 like the recipe says.

For stromboli I use one dough recipe
one can tomato paste seasoned with italian seasoning, pinch sugar, garlic poweder and a tbsp parm(you can also sub pesto thats really good)
mozz cheese
any combo of pepperoni, thin sliced ham, salami, olives, mushrooms, fresh pineapple with all the moisture smooshed out of it(it gets too soggy if you dont)
make your long rectangle like you would for cinnamon rolls, spread tomato paste, spread meats, cheeses and toppings then trifold and mash it out flat so its more sandwich like about 4" wide. I bake 450 for 10 min-15 min
this was my inspiration
Thank you!! These look amazing. I would love Stromboli with pesto. Now I just need to get myself a stand mixer...
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