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Re: Aug 6th weekly chat

Originally Posted by mama2seth&trey View Post
If you have access to the "bradley method book" it is really helpful in determining when to go to the hospital.

AFM I am due in 7 days but I think I have finally psyched myself up for another baby after it's EDD. I have to work tonight every time I go to work people go "you still haven't had that baby" and "you haven't popped yet!" I'm just like no. Baby wants to bake a little longer. My close friend keeps calling from out of town to see if "there are any signs."

I don't know how much longer I am going to work because I just don't know when baby is going to come. I pick up per diem shifts in the are for a medical staffing agency and I don't want to pick up too much and have to call and cancel everything. But it is getting downright uncomfortable to be working. But my husband is pushing me to work as long a possible.

My 12 year old will finally be back from his dad's house on tursday or friday. I haven't seen him in 2 months. His dad lives in FL and we are in MI. Oh and my husband will be unavailable all day thursday till really late at night. He is going to Cedar Point with his work. 4 Days before my DD.

This weekend was fun. Saturday went to "Boobapalooza" and "The Great Latch On" and I got to count some of the babies nursing. Afterwards we had people doing henna, massage, reikii, and selling their goods. So I got my belly done with henna and got a massage. Oh... it was awesome. We had a wedding to go to that evening. Then I had to work a 3rd. Got about 1 hour nap before I had to go in. Yesterday after I got up we went to my BIL and SIL's house and went swimming. My 3 year old had a great time and for the 1st time ever let us put him into floaty suit. He has only let one of us hold onto him until now.
Wowzers! You are one BUSY lady! I hope you are getting rest amidst the busy-ness and that your hubs will be there during labor and birth!
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